Gag The Fag: Wesley (DVD)
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DVD Includes:
Edited version - 30 minutes
Unedited version - 54 minutes
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21-year-old Wesley came to California all the way from Florida just so he could be humiliated and throat-fucked on camera.  He looks innocent and cute, but don't be fooled.  He told us that he enjoys being abused by Latin guys, that he started rimming guys' assholes when he was 14, and that he's lost count of how many assholes his tongue has been in.  Wow.  So young - and already such a piece of trash.

After we finished choking him with Jorge's cock, we both unloaded onto his face.  He flinched a little bit when Jorge's load flew into his eye, but overall, he acted like it was just another day at the office. 

A side note: You might notice an unusual habit of Wesley's.  His tongue repeatedly pops out of his mouth while he's sucking dick. It's bizarre to watch!  I felt like I was witnessing a human serpent having oral sex - or maybe he was trying to do an impression of a bullfrog.  Who knows... 

Gag The Fag: Wesley (DVD)

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