Gag The Fag: Rudy (DVD)
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DVD Includes:
Edited version (short) - 20 minutes
Edited version (long) - 30 minutes
Unedited version - 42 minutes
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Rudy had just celebrated his 18th birthday. He was sick of his job at McDonald's, and now that he was an adult, he wanted to do something new and exciting. Now, let's see: What kind of work does every young gay boy dream about? Working for a large corporation and someday becoming the CEO? Nah. Joining the military and serving his country? Wrong again. Hanging his skull upside-down and getting hammered by a huge cock for all of the world to watch? Absolutely!

In my humble opinion, this is one of the hottest scenes in the Gag The Fag series. Not only does Rudy demonstrate outstanding cocksucking skills on Jorge's giant penis, he also produces copious amounts of white, fluffy saliva and thick, gooey throat-slime - enough to cover most of his face and ensure that his eyes are glued shut by the end of the scene. My verdict? Rudy's got a brilliant future as a whore, both on-camera and off.


Gag The Fag: Rudy (DVD)

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