Gag The Fag: Orion Cross (DVD)
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DVD Includes:
Edited version - 16 minutes
Unedited version - 26 minutes
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Orion has been quite busy over the last year performing in movies and visiting with "escort" clients. He seems to be a nice, intelligent, responsible young man - a rare find in an industry filled with shady characters looking to make a quick buck. So what's he doing in this business? As he explains at the beginning of the scene, he's mighty proud of his talents and experiences as a cum-guzzling whore, and he wants to share them with the world. In fact, I almost think he believes that his "work" is completely normal and accepted by most of society. Umm, Orion... Guess what... It's not.

What could be causing that level of delusion in Orion?  It is his youth?  Is he on drugs?  Or is it, perhaps, that he's swallowed so much cum over the last few years, it's now begun to affect his brain?  Yeah, I think that's it.

Gag The Fag: Orion Cross (DVD)

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