Gag The Fag: Ian Alexander (DVD)
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Ian is 100% Queer Trash. I'm not just saying that to be rude. He's actually got the words "100% Queer" tattooed on his arm. (Okay, I admit - I added the word "trash" myself - just an observation.) I've never seen anyone who could get skull-fucked with his head hanging upside-down for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time, but Ian stayed in that position for over 30 minutes! You don't find cocksuckers like that every day. The dude's got a natural talent for having his tonsils hammered without ever coming up for air.

Watch and enjoy as Dick Silver helps Ian paint his face with slobber, mucus and stomach-juice.

Gag The Fag: Ian Alexander (DVD)

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