Gag The Fag: David Madrid (DVD)
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DVD Includes:
Edited version - 24 minutes

21-year-old David has a pretty-boy appearance, partially due to the fact that he wears make-up every day - "just a little", he says. Sure, fag - uh, I mean David. Whatever you say, bud.

Seriously, David did a fine job getting skull-fucked in various positions for me and my little camera. Normally, I don't compliment the "talent", but in David's case, he might be the perfect combination of "horny slut" in private and "nice guy" in public - possibly even boyfriend-material for someone seeking a long-term relationship. On the other hand, he may just be a good choice for someone who wants an attractive face to fuck on a regular basis. If you see him online, offer him 50 bucks and I'll bet you'll have his mouth on your penis in 30 minutes or less. And yeah, he swallows


Gag The Fag: David Madrid (DVD)

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