Gag The Fag: Christian Hunt (DVD)
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DVD Includes:
Edited version (short) - 21 minutes
Edited version (long) - 31 minutes
Unedited version - 37 minutes
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Gagged by Special Guest Star Eryk Elliott

Christian must have emailed me 20 times, practically begging to work for me. Finally, he was able to get his act together and show up for a scene. Not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree, but who the hell cares about brains when all you need is an obedient throat to fuck that doesn't talk back? Plus, he told me that he likes being used by other guys. What more could I want from a gay male whore?  Christian met my needs perfectly.

Eryk Elliott - hot little fucker that he is - handled the situation like a pro. The two of them were perfect together: Eryk, the throat-plugging bully and Christian, the faggot who probably would have let Eryk pound his tonsils all night without complaining one bit.

I've often seen Christian advertising his "services" on Craigslist in L.A. If you see him online and need to unload, take advantage - he's a nice guy - and he's cheap.

Gag The Fag: Christian Hunt (DVD)

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