Balls To The Wall (DVD)
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19 minutes

Little Chris's scrotum measures over 20 inches in circumference and weighs over six pounds!  From the moment I saw him, I knew I wanted to capture this freak show on video.  It took some effort, but finally, he agreed to do it.

First, I film Little Chris doing some chores outside his house.  I then encourage him to go to his bedroom, lie in his bed, and expose that huge ball-bag for me.  While he's there, I ask him how he sleeps with that monstrosity hanging from his groin.  It seems like quite a challenge to get himself into a comfortable position.

After I leave Chris alone, he shoots some video of himself doing a bit of a strip show for the camera.  If you're like me, you'll be mesmerized by the sight of him gyrating his hips and swinging his enormous genitals around and around.

Balls To The Wall (DVD)

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